Central Heating and Air Repairs

Heating and Air Services

You may need professional heat and air repair if your system runs weaker than usual, or if it is making loud or unusual noises. Regardless of whether you need a replacement component, replacement air conditioners or furnaces, duct sealing or any other service, we can help you find the source of your problem and give you our professional recommendation.

Can I do it myself?
In some cases, you can troubleshoot the system and fix it yourself. If the system is not working at all, for example, double-check your thermostat. Make sure that the temperature is within a range that should trigger your unit to turn on. You should also check to make sure that no breakers have tripped or fuses have blown.

If you aren’t able to fix the problem after checking these things, or if your system is just running weaker than it should, call a professional.

Should I replace my old units, or repair them?
In the case of a small problem, repairs may be the best bet. If you require a major repair on a very old unit, however, it is often more cost-effective to purchase a new unit. We will provide you with a professional recommendation depending on how much life remains in your current unit.

If you are experiencing problems with your heating and air systems, please call our expert repair and installation team today.