Moisture Seeping into Your Ceilings

Of course, if the problem occurs only when it rains, it’s likely due to a leaky roof. If it occurs only when the air conditioning is running, that’s the likely cause. You can go up into the attic and check what’s going on. Or you can call us to check for you. If the problem is a leak in your air conditioning system, we can give you an estimate for repairs.

The problem could also be due to poor ventilation in the attic. In summer heat, moisture can build up. If moisture build-up is occurring, it means that heat build-up is also occurring. Attic heat warms any air conditioning ducts in the attic and also seeps down through the ceiling, warming your home and reducing its energy efficiency.

Improving your attic ventilation is a low-cost home improvement that can prevent damaging moisture build-up, increase the comfort of your home, reduce your energy bills and help the environment. For more information, click on Attic Ventilation or contact us.